HWSA has a new website! Please go to http://hwsa.leaguelobster.com. If you’re a team captain for a team that’s playing this summer, you should have already received an email. If you’re just a player, you can head over, register yourself with the league and then find the team you’re playing on this summer.

The player registration meeting for the Summer 2015 season is set for May 20. The meeting will take place at:

Trini Sosa Mendenhall Community Center
1414 Wirt Road
Houston, TX 77055.

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We have secured a few fields for the summer and the outlook is good that we will have enough fields for most teams. However, should we determine that we need to limit the number of teams that can play this summer, we will cut the last teams that registered first. We will, of course, refund any team fees for teams that are unable to play due to this circumstance. The season and teams are still not setup in the scheduling system, as we have to secure fields before we can do so. Once that is done, we will send another announcement.

Player registration for the 11v11 summer season, originally scheduled for April 15, will be delayed at least one week and possibly longer. We are still working on finding fields and need to focus on this first. Announcements and emails will go out once a date for player registration is determined.

Team registration is due this Wednesday night with your team’s $100 team fee sent to the PO Box (checks made out to HWSA) or through paypal totreasurer@hwsa.org. The PO Box address is:

PO BOX 541531
Houston, TX 77098

After registration is closed, the teams will be created in the scheduling/rostering system and also added to the list of teams available to register for on the Register a Player link (http://www.hwsa.org/register-a-player/). Any new players who have not played for your team in Fall 2014 or Spring 2015 will need to register at that link. All players will need to be added to your roster. Please search for any players before creating a new one. They may have played on a different team in past years and already exist in the roster system.

The player registration meeting will be next Wednesday, April 15. At this meeting you will need to bring player cards for any players that are new to your team, payment for all players you are registering ($40 per player), and a copy of the roster from the roster system. This printout needs to be of the screen for managing your roster after you have already logged in to your team’s page as the team manager.

If any questions regarding the process, please refer to the Team Rep Guide (http://www.hwsa.org/team-rep-guide/) and for further clarification, please refer to the commissioner for the league in which you are registering.

Our next League meeting is Wednesday, March 25th, 7:00 PM. All Teams must have a representative present.

The agenda will include general business of the league. If you would like to address the assembly with any particular business, please respond so that I may add you to the agenda.

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A few reminders:

Please do not leave valuables in your car. Move them to your trunk, cover them, or bring them to the sidelines with you. There were break-ins to several vehicles at Houston Sports Plex earlier this season. Break-ins are not unique to Houston Sports Plex, however.

If you are adding players to your team:

  • For your players to be able to play in the upcoming weekend’s game, we need to have received your payment and player card and your player must be added to the online roster by the Tuesday before the game.
  • Emailed materials should be sent to registrar@hwsa.org.
  • Mailed materials should be sent to:

    HWSA Registrar

    PO Box 541531

    3740 Greenbriar St.

    Houston TX 77098

The Spring player registration meeting is this Wednesday, January 7th at 7:00.

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Here’s what you will need to turn in on January 7th for each and every player on your team:

  • signed registration form (either individually or the group returning player form)
  • player card
  • $40 player fee
  • a print-out of your team roster from the website.

To log in to your team’s page, go to the HWSA page. Under the Teams drop down menu on the top left, click on Women and COED Spring 2015 Teams. Then click on your team’s name and the Team Log-In link. Use the email address you used to register the team. If you don’t remember your PIN or you’re a new team, you can have it emailed to you.

Here is an alternate link if you have trouble with the main site.

If you have any questions, please reach out to David our registrar.

Next League meeting is November 19th. All teams must have a representative present.

On the agenda for the meeting:

  • Elections for President, Field Coordinator, and Secretary
  • Player Registrations for winter 7v7 and o30 seasons

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